Is it possible that video calls lead us all to burnout?

Is it possible that video calls lead us all to burnout?
July 15, 2021 MondayArch


Within a new labor normality’s framework, video calls have become the potential way to communicate, session, hold meetings, and even make decisions related to work.    

There are employees who are required to spend more than 50% of their working schedule in front of a camera, and there are others who just have to be connected at certain times. However, all of the people who have experienced remote working know that meetings become endless many times. The main purpose is missing, or all the people are talking and nobody is understood. Therefore, working video calls can lead to different situations that actually would not happen when attending physically.  

That’s why it is important that video calls are not excessively required. They have to be used with clear and pertinent goals, and duration times have to be properly used or allow break times. There must be a previously-made planning including a definition of functions to make it. If you are in charge of your company’s videoconferences, before you do another one, we want you to ask yourself “What is this video call for?”

How can you strictly meet its goal with no waste of time? What are the functions that everybody has? How frequently do you make this kind of virtual meetings? And, in which way, how can they become efficient? 


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