Types of training

Types of training
May 16, 2021 MondayArch


We have talked about every advantage provided by training programs for both your company and partners, but there are many ways to do it. Each and every one of them facilitates a specific department. Do you know them all?

Operational knowledge job training

This job training is based on skills, working methods and employee development-oriented tools in order to continue growing and improving its productivity by means of popular tasks or new functions within the organization.

 Proactive knowledge

This type of personal training is based on the personal employee’s strengths. From this point on, its development is promoted by means of different methods, and this way, an employee is provided with tools to foresee scenarios, increase competitiveness within the organization and bring both perspective and innovation to the working group.

Basic knowledge job training

This personnel-based training is focused on both basic induction and training to perform tasks, although this does not mean that the organization’s structure will be modified. It is based on reproducibility, information and training according to the job position.


Key knowledge

Key knowledge is the one that provides a differentiating factor within the organization. This type of working training must be a priority within the company since it is possible for it to be different within a more competitive labor market. 


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