Tips to create training plans

Tips to create training plans
May 28, 2021 MondayArch


Training your working team is not a miracle, or something that can happen randomly. It is required that you have a training plan, which allows you knowing where are you going to start, where do you want to go, and mainly what are the next steps you will take once the next training program is completed.

Likewise, this plan will allow you identifying the own company’s needs or requirements and its partners, as well as the program design and the resources to be used. Generally, a training plan is managed and performed by means of a document, where all scheduled trainings are registered throughout the year based on the current needs of the company.


We will show you three simple steps to begin a plan:

Step 1: Identify learning or training needs:

You have to identify what are the learning needs owned by an employee, based on knowledge, training and skills he or she has in relation to the performed job function.

Step 2: Look for learning or training actions meeting the needs:

At this moment, you have to relate your employee’s needs with the training offer you are actually looking for. This is the most important part since you have to balance a scale between “what are the current needs” vs “what training plan is provided”.


Step 3: What do you have to do after completing a training plan:

Once the training program is implemented, the third step is about making a training assessment. Was it good? Was it bad? A training program was good when it has met the goal from which it was created, and the worker has gained new skills he or she did not experience before.


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