Tips to be more productive

Tips to be more productive
January 8, 2021 MondayArch

Tips to be more productive.


When we talk about work, productivity becomes necessary every day. It is an essential part of the working life currently, and sometimes it is required for our progress to get better positions and wages. For this reason, we want to share some of the best tips to be more productive in 2021.    


–Make an objective ranking

When you have well-defined objectives, make a ranking for each week and another one for the whole year. Divide objectives in terms of supply and demand. Concerning the supply, you have to estimate if objectives reflect what you like and what you are good at, and concerning the demand, you have to check if objectives include what your company needs.  


–Measuring results instead of measuring hours

The number of hours that you have already worked are not related to your working productivity at all. While there are companies that strongly consider the time a worker spends in an office, it is important that everyone is persuaded that the most important thing is the results. Therefore, it is important to well define your expectations and the number of hours.


–Do not pay attention to small things

There are many things that are surpassed and are not really important in a matter of one working day. A good example of this is a wave of e-mails that is occasionally there and we sometimes check it every five minutes, but we actually should check it every hour or two hours ideally. In addition, you must establish both importance and priority of the e-mail since the first time you check it. 


–Take time to think

It is good to give some time to simply think during the day. Instead of having one meeting after the other, save a spot to think about objectives and results. We sometimes need to see things twice in order to make a better decision.   


–Do not be afraid of being bored

Try not to waste your time on things that are irrelevant. One of the keys for productivity is about eliminating all of your daily life variables that make you waste your time. What do you have to eat for breakfast? Choose your most favorite meals and repeat them every day. It does not matter if it looks boring! Thus, you will change many decisions in predictable things, and you will have more free time to do other things.

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