Time for fun

Time for fun
April 16, 2021 MondayArch


We are used to working many hours per day. Sometimes, we do not even realize the time that we really spend for our working day. And while our body has found many ways to achieve professional goals, it is also important to spend time on having fun. Just like our body needs both sleeping and resting in order to recover and work properly, we all need to have fun in order to recover from both emotional and psychological toll.  



Besides that, it is scientifically proven that laughing, which is produced when having fun:  

  • Improves both breathing and circulation,
  • Enhances our immunological system,
  • Releases endorphins reducing or eliminating pain, as well as producing a sense of general well-being,
  • Reduces both stress and anxiety,
  • Improves our relationships,
  • Allows us developing positive attitudes towards life,
  • Provides us with a huge clarity to seek for proper solutions to our problems,
  • Fosters our self-esteem. 

This time for fun has a lot of benefits personally and familiarly.  So do not forget that having fun is just part of everyday life.


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