Start doing the most difficult things first.

Start doing the most difficult things first.
November 5, 2020 MondayArch

Start doing the most difficult things first.


We know that starting the day will always be difficult. Since the moment we wake up, it is possible that our body and mind are not totally prepared to do our pending tasks. However, the truth is that those first daytime hours are the best ones to work. That is the moment where we actually have more energy, so that is why we recommend you to take advantage of that first boost.   

What is the recommendation we give you to do for those first hours? It is actually very simple. You just have to start always doing the task, or the most difficult purpose you have to accomplish for the day. It could be difficult at the beginning, but as each day progresses you might get used to it; and most importantly, you will realize that if you do it this way, it will be the best option to get better results.


Once you have finished the most difficult task, you will be doing less difficult activities little by little depending if your energy has finished until the end of the day. As a conclusion, we want to share with you the best food that will increase your energy levels for the working day: 

  1. Salmon: This kind of fish will increase your lucidity. 
  2. Almonds: This will help you reduce anxiety levels. 
  3. Green tea: It is good to replace coffee and it has antioxidants.
  4. Avocado: It will help you increase concentration.
  5. Vegetables: They will prevent you from having a reduction in sugar levels.
  6. Dark chocolate: It will help you reduce stress.
  7. Blackberries: They will help you keep focused.

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