Spend personal moments every day.

Spend personal moments every day.
November 27, 2020 MondayArch

Spend personal moments every day.


We could think that working is the most important thing in the world since it is the reason why we have the things we like, or it is considered many times as a need allowing us to reach some goals and commitments we have. However, it should not be the only thing in your life. 

The modern world, new hyperconnectivity and responsibilities might seem surpassing to all of us. However, all of the experts agree in one thing: Having a personal and professional balance can cause positive effects in physical, mental and even occupational health.

The first step to find this balance is about being disconnected from work. It may seem really complex, but turning off your computer at a proper time, standing up from the seat and spending a few moments with other things or people is the beginning to organize both your time and time at work.

While being disconnected from work, spend 30 minutes doing exercise or meditation per day. We are sure that you spend the same time doing other activities, which might not be so required to perform, or you get back to work with them eventually.

Maybe, you are thinking “it is so difficult”. New habits seem uncontrolled when starting to embrace them, but this is because we are visualizing the whole task instead of separating it into parts. In order to find balance between work and personal life, you just have to separate our goal in short tasks that we can achieve every day. And most of all, do not forget about other people outside work, people who love you and who would like to live together with you every day.

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