Scheduling all of your activities.

Scheduling all of your activities.
March 31, 2021 MondayArch


Schedules are not a new tool for the world. However, almost nobody uses them in daily life.
Your schedule can turn into your new best friend, not only professionally, but it is also used to level your personal activities, which possibly you are forgetting day by day.


When you use your schedule as a tool, the first change you can see is related to stopping “living careless” and “putting out fires”. Spend the last 30 minutes of your day organizing a schedule for the next day, write in it all of the activities that you have to do unwaveringly, spend some specific time in each of the activities and respect times you already assigned.

Once you get all of these activities done, you have to start scheduling the hobby-like activities or even the ones you really want to do for a long time. You can also schedule your “doing nothing at all” activities.

Doing nothing at all? Yes. It is also considered an activity, and it is an activity we all deserve at any moment of the day. This is the moment where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, playing video games, reading, or even you can actually do nothing at all.
What is the secret for this? Having your day well-organized.

Therefore, start using your schedule as a strategic point in your daily life.


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