Prioritize and plan your tasks

Prioritize and plan your tasks
September 2, 2021 MondayArch


Generally, we all start our days by having a lot of energy and being sure that we will do all of the tasks we can think of. However, sometimes we need more days than just 24 hours in order to do everything we want or need, and normally that can make us feel so stressed and even having problems at work and our daily lives. For this reason, it is very important that we learn to manage both our time and our tasks by considering what we think is a priority, that is to say, those things or decisions we cannot postpone.     

In fact, in order to be organized, the first step is about identifying what are those urgent tasks, and by that we refer to the things or decisions that cannot be postponed. Those things we need to deliver the same day or in a short period of time because those ones will be the things at the top of the list in our planning. After that, we have to choose which tasks are a bit less urgent, while they are not delivered the same day or they are even so important but easier to do, so we can actually postpone them a little bit more. Finally, we would have to check the easiest tasks, which are the ones we have to decide or deliver over a long period of time, or the ones that do not need our full attention for not being required, so we can place them at the bottom of the list.


This way, we can actually make a plan including those priorities in order, so the urgent tasks are at the top of the list. This structure will have to consider all delivery times in order not to affect productivity at work. As a suggestion, you can write everything and constantly check that it is fulfilled. The truth is that there can be many unexpected events and the program could be modified. However, the clearer your planning is, the clearer your decisions and proper management of your life and job will be as well. You have to always remember making time for yourself. You need it!         


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