Nurture interpersonal relationships.

Nurture interpersonal relationships.
February 5, 2021 MondayArch

Nurture interpersonal relationships.


One of the aspects that has been strengthened during pandemics is that humans are all social beings who need to have constant communication and be in touch with people who are part of our lives. The very idea of spending so much time without visiting our relatives and friends turns immediately into anxiety and depression causes to many people. However, there are some introverted people who do not consider this a problem.

Actually, it does not matter if you are extroverted or introverted because in the end, even occasionally, we all need to live together with persons who are important to us, or we can even build new interpersonal relationships when getting a new job. This is related to the importance of creating interaction moments and experience that nurture confidence, which is essential for the proper performance of any relationship.

When we talk about nurturing interpersonal relationships, either for family, friends, or workmates, we are talking about creating a support, confidence and communication system to be useful for our evolution as people, and even sometimes for our professional evolution as well. It is about making relationships that can create small communities functioning as a team that works for the sake of us all. 

The latter is applied when we talk about our families, which represent the core of interpersonal relationships, but also when we talk about friends we meet over time and the workmates, the people who we actually live together with for 8 hours a day, and who we also depend on many times in order to get work objectives.

What can you do to nurture interpersonal relationships? It is as simple as learning active listening processes and asking to be listened too when you are talking, as well as finding activities where both parts can encounter well. Confidence will be always the key word.


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