What is the meaning of Organizational culture?

What is the meaning of Organizational culture?
July 30, 2021 MondayArch


Do you feel identified with your company’s work environment and values?  

When you started to work in a company, you were surely told about its values, codes, goals and working methods generally. Alongside the work environment, all of this is what we call organizational culture as a whole, and by means of this we all feel identified with our workplace. If you do not know all of these elements about your work environment, we ask you to explore it. This way, you may feel more inspired and satisfied to perform your activities more confidently and enthusiastically. 

Such organizational culture, which is actually a company’s personality, must be clear to all of the partners. From the leader’s values, standards, social dynamics, working methods to the way to get along with partners and the company with its providers, customers, and any other person having a business relationship with it. Departing from the full knowledge of these elements, both the partners’ performance level and productivity may be hinged on.

If you are in charge of a workplace and you do not fully identify its working culture, you have to ask the Human Resources Department to perform a diagnosis on the working environment, as well as the professional community’s relationships and behaviors. By doing this, you will know how this works and you can similarly do events where the company’s values and goals are both identified, and even give awards to the best talents in order to encourage their best performance. On the other hand, you have to remember that constant training can also keep partners highly secured and stabled. All of this is translated into higher performances.  



Finally, hiring personnel to be identified with the company’s dynamics may allow its integration to working culture, and in this regard, it can provide the partner’s welfare and increase its productivity.


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