How can we encourage creativity?

How can we encourage creativity?
January 23, 2021 MondayArch

How can we encourage creativity?


Many people think “they are not creative”, but actually we all are creative in some way. Let us begin with how evading challenges that we daily face show us that we have creative capacity to turn any challenge upside down.

Creativity is just like another muscle. The more force you provide to it, you will realize how strong you really are. Use the following tips to improve every day.

Breaking all established things

In order to get different results, we need to do things in a different way. Take the chances to do something that you never have tried before. It is possible that the result is totally different. Be aware that if it did not happen “as expected”, it is something normal to do it in a different way. Do not feel discouraged and give it a new chance.     

Taking notes in any place or time 

We have our minds full of ideas, unfinished things, fleeting thoughts and more that, even if we want to, we cannot remember everything. Therefore, your best friend to improve your creativity is a notebook. It does not have to be a physical notebook, but a note in your cell phone. This way, when something new comes to your mind, you can write it immediately to go back working on that.

Being curious 

When was the last time you watched a new movie? Maybe you have faced that moment about deciding what to watch in any platform and you ended up watching a movie you know its script already. Curiosity is the beginning of creativity, that is the point you can discover new things. You can see the world from another perspective and you can even get inspiration to do something new.    

Scamper technique 

Scamper comes from: substitute, combine, adjust, modify, put to other uses, eliminate and rearrange. These 7 magic words are the key to change the way you do some things. When you face a new challenge, you have to wonder how you can apply each one of these words to get exceptional results.       

Having a relaxation space 

Brains need to rest as well. It might seem that the creative process is a constant effervescence. However, we can also find new things in peace. Take time to feel relaxed while you think about how you can do things differently. Let your mind talk to yourself. You can find answers in that relaxation many times.


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