How can we apply self-care?

How can we apply self-care?
January 15, 2021 MondayArch

How can we apply self-care?


How can we apply self-care?

When we are working, we look for details to be perfect, or that each and every of our deliverables has everything that the customer asked for, so he or she can feel good with it. But, what about us? We give you 5 items that you cannot forget in order to keep working as best as possible.    


Watch what you eat

You have surely heard the proverb “You are what you eat”. It is actually so true. Your diet has a direct impact on your working capacity. The better your working capacity, the more different benefits you will have. Let us start by avoiding illnesses that could be chronic in the mid-term such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc. In addition, you will have a better resting time and you will use your energy properly.   


Do sports. Move it!

One simple reason: Serotonin. It is well known that physical exercise allows serotonin metabolism and it also increases serotonin levels. For this reason, doing physical activities regularly can help us keep our serotonin levels high, which actually will help you be happy. Likewise, it is a good way to leave stress behind.

Watch your hygiene 

This item might seem obvious. However, how much time do you really spend on your hygiene? We are not talking about taking a bath in the morning. What we are actually looking for is that you really spend all the time you need to watch every detail from yourself. Use soaps that help you exfoliate your skin and make your oral washing routine gently by using all of the required tools. You also have to remember that hygiene is the starting point to look good every day.   

Sleep well

Work never ends. There will always be remaining things, but luckily there is always tomorrow. Just like you spend time working, you have to spend time resting. One of the main causes of lack of productivity is the lack of resting. Try to finish your tasks at the same time every day and take time to go to bed with no distractions at all. Before going to sleep, try to meditate in order for you to leave your working day behind and focus on resting. You deserve it as well.     

Do not forget about your mental health

You are going to be with someone every day, at all times, at every moment and place: Yourself. For that reason, it is important that your self-relations are the best as possible. In order to do this, it is worth taking time to improve your mental health. You can look for some kind of therapy allowing you to have a professional opinion, or even occupational therapy allowing you to have a self-connection


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