Holding essential meetings only.

Holding essential meetings only.
November 15, 2020 MondayArch

Holding essential meetings only.


Meetings have become the best way to stay in touch with your colleagues, and even with enhanced tools and the increased need for meetings, there could be an excessive amount of them sometimes. But, instead of being an essential tool to build projects, meetings could represent a burden for some of your coworkers. To avoid this, it is important to think of some questions before sending that next meeting invite. The main point is: Who has to be there? Maybe, you consider the idea of the more people, the better. However, you are probably inviting someone who is not essential to the meeting, he or she may not even know what the meeting is for. Therefore, we can check the secondary point: Set a clear reason for the meeting. You are possibly thinking that the reason is important for you, but the others involved in the meeting have to be part of the meeting’s topic as well. Remember that time is precious. Not only is your time important, but so is your colleague’s time. All for the sake of your company’s productivity.

Finally, last but not least: Be practical. You have to manage a clear schedule of the meeting; and if it is required, send the reading materials in advance, set both a meeting start and end time, avoid talking about non-mentioned items in the schedule, and track minute notes about agreed items. 

These items will guarantee that you can have more productive, timely meetings and they will not turn into pointless meetings.

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