Creating limits

Creating limits
April 9, 2021 MondayArch


We all are celebrating our first anniversary concerning home office. At the beginning, it was a huge change to everyone for the way to understand our work, the relationship we have with it, and mainly the way we would live together between both our work and our daily activities. 

When eliminating the need for going out home in order to go working, hours to be spent in public transport are possibly included in the working schedule. That is the reason we actually think we work more than before. However, this might be something useless for your mental health. It is important that you can create limits between both working times and times you spend at home with your family or alone.

Very small but relevant actions like turning the computer off at a specific time can set a limit between both working and personal schedules.

In addition, you can try creating “physical limits”. Try to find a specific space for home office and, if possible, close that space and do not enter there until the next day.


Finding balance between working life and personal life starts with us. Take time for yourself by using these limits.   


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