Clan culture.

Clan culture.
August 6, 2021 MondayArch


Do your colleagues and you work in teams and feel like having a big family? If so, you all surely have the clan organizational culture as a base in the organization. In other words, they have very consolidated and loyal work teams. Leaders are committed to their partners and you feel that you belong to that big family. It is common that such organizational culture is involved in family companies that manage participation, agreement and mutual commitment. 

Clan culture in companies is the one where loyalty, commitment and traditions hold its organization system. Internally, work teams may be very demanding but also flexible and empathic. That is one of the great advantages from this kind of structure, partners get identified and feel secure about their job stability.  

For this reason, if you are not currently working in a company having this kind of system, but you are competing for a chance to work there, we recommend you to show that you are totally willing to work in teams, to commit professionally, to be a trustworthy and participative person, and you can even know the origins of the company you are interested in to know their traditions better. 



Clan culture provides employees with greater security, which can also give commercial-level value to the company, since its partners are happy for being there and they care about both productivity and growth of their workplace. So, if you are deciding where to work and you want to feel at home inside your office, do not hesitate to take the chance because you can surely be a very appreciated and recognized person in the company.


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