Be authentic

Be authentic
June 26, 2021 MondayArch


We have talked about how you can keep your working team trained, as well as keeping it motivated and having all of the benefits included. This time, we want to talk about you, about those skills you have. In some cases, we know which ones they are, and in so many other cases we have not found them all.  

Indeed, all of us actually have a skill that makes us feel unique and improves our community. Skills can be improved by both practicing and training. This is about gained or obtained skills versus innate or inherited skills. 

Both kinds are very important and they are worth working with each of them.   

Many times, skills begin by being curious. Think about this for one moment, what kind of thing would you like to learn, or what activity has been always attracting your attention? When you get that one, take some time to work with it.   



Skills and passion are both related to each other. That is why you do not have to feel discouraged if something cannot be done the first time. Skills actually train you in order for you to be better. Share your goals and look for people who share with you both passion and interest for what you are improving.


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