4 Tips to be happy at work/Do not stop learning

4 Tips to be happy at work/Do not stop learning
June 3, 2021 MondayArch


It is so common to think that, when we finish elementary school studies or even higher education at college, it is time to stop learning and just start being productive in our workplace.

Real life is so different. Learning is a process that has to be with us throughout our whole life, from the time we learn to walk or talk, until the time we master a new language, or a skill allowing us to grow personally and professionally.

Learning among adults is a very important matter in both companies’ and organizations’ life. There is even a word to define it: Andragogy. This social science is specialized in analyzing and theorizing on what is the most efficient way for an adult to learn new skills or any other new process for his / her work.    

By means of these andragogy theories, a huge amount of coaching programs has risen for working teams that have the intention to teach leadership, communication and even problem resolution skills in workplaces.



Keep learning is essential in the life of every single organization partner. This way, we can get both theoretical and practical knowledge, and coaching programs turn into a very important tool that cannot be skipped within the companies. It is required to find the best method, best schedules and best ways for the coaching program not to become a really stressful burden, and therefore losing all of the benefits we can get.   


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